I provide Reiki treatments for people of all ages and their beloved animals.   

I see clients in Ellicott City and Takoma Park, Maryland (See Locations for addresses & hours). I also provide absent treatments (also known as distance or virtual healing sessions) where the client is not with me in-person and I make occasional house calls (for people and/or their pets).

For animal Reiki appts, choose from house/barn calls, in-person in Ellicott City or for distance appointment for your beloved animal.


What should I expect during my treatment session?

During a Reiki session, the client is seated or relaxes on a massage table, fully-clothed, except for shoes.  The practitioner channels energy to the client through a gentle, light touch in a series of hand placements along the body starting at the head.  Sessions also can be performed completely non-touch with hands about an inch or so from the body.  Clients may feel a sense of warmth or tingling in the area being treated even during non-touch sessions, but there is no massaging or manipulation of muscles.

Each hand position is held still for several minutes or longer as needed to encourage healing and promote wellness. This effect can create a deep sense of relaxation during a session and feelings of peace, calm and generally increased well-being after treatment.  Approximately five minutes at the beginning and end (after the rest period) of each session is for check-in and debrief.  These are slightly longer for a new client’s first session to be sure we devote enough time to questions.  Each treatment is followed by a brief rest period in which you bask in the calm stillness of this deeply restful state.  This slow reintegration after treatment is important and is similar to shavasna in yoga or the calm integration period after a meditation. 

Comfortable clothing is suggested for treatment sessions.  Also, because most experience such profound relaxation during treatment, we suggest when scheduling your appointment, please plan to allow a few extra minutes after your session to relax before dashing off for the rest of your day.


Are follow-up treatments recommended?

Highly.  Benefits from Reiki treatment are cumulative.  Traditionally, clients received daily Reiki treatments until they felt better.  I recommend a series of weekly treatments at the beginning. This allows us to gauge how your body-mind-spirit responds and most people dealing with chronic or acute conditions benefit from at least one weekly appointment for a period of several weeks.   It also is reasonable to expect that additional treatments may be necessary to achieve longer lasting results. This is just as we don’t achieve physical fitness after one trip to the gym.

You and your practitioner will work together to determine need and frequency of ongoing treatments based on your goals and your response to treatment.