"I just want to say how wonderful the Reiki session was - it was great.  I can’t tell you what relief I had.  It is phenomenal.  Thank you so much, Nikki it was fabulous - just so nice.  I am just having such [pain] relief and my arm is just not as sore.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."      [Following 1st Reiki session after 6 months of chronic pain.]


"I had to tell you how well my shoulder is doing. The pain is responding so much better since you’ve been taking care of me than it did when I was in physical therapy.  I'm looking forward to another treatment"

~Jean Dorr


"A few years ago I had an experience with Reiki that was very powerful.  I knew then that I wanted to pursue it further.  And then I met Nikki.

Nikki could not be a more kind, empathic or insightful Reiki practitioner & instructor.  We began working together two years ago and I can honestly describe it as transformative.

Nikki has inspired me so much that I decided to take two of her Reiki classes.  My hope is to be able to offer family & friends the healing & restoration that Reiki has given me.

Nikki's generosity & wisdom have given me a wonderful start toward this goal."

~Melissa Sagun


"I wasn't sure about Reiki when I bought my first Intro session, but sometimes all it takes is trying something new.  After the first treatment I felt different!  It has made such a difference, I feel more relaxed and balanced.  Plus I handle stress so much better now."


"After seeing the difference that receiving Reiki treatments made in my daily life, it was a no-brainer to take a Reiki class.  Nikki has a  perfect combination of inner peace and friendly disposition that makes her a great teacher!  Class was more like an afternoon with friends, which made the experience even more special." 



"Your focus on the heart and spirit of Reiki, which is part of your presence/essence, left us all with an open and kind energy. I've been astonished by the [Reiki treatment] results I've seen.  Thank you again for the wonderful [Reiki I] class and for your sensitivity to my needs."


"I especially appreciate your sensitivity to animals and understanding of the different ways they react to Reiki.  After my friends and I received our Reiki I training with you, we were able to immediately use it with our very sick cat and it was obvious that it calmed her and eased her pain.  We were so glad there was something positive we could do, and I love having learned Reiki because it is something that I can use to help myself and my pet at any time."

~Linda O'Brien


"I found Reiki while seeking treatment for an enduring depression. I experienced immediate relief from Nikki's first treatment and only continued to get better with the follow up sessions. 

I so connected with the practice, I became a student. I am now a practitioner and share Reiki healing with others. For me, it has been life changing. 

Nikki is a gentle healer and a patient and thoughtful teacher. I look forward to our continued study, practice and friendship."

~Danielle Dellinger