I offer Reiki treatments during medical procedures like surgery or labor & delivery. I am a Certified Medical Reiki MasterTM, trained in best practices for giving Reiki treatments in medical settings.

Every patient deserves this type of care.

We have numerous anecdotal reports from patients and practitioners, and some healthcare professionals too about the benefits experienced.  As Reiki treatments are offered, pre- and post-surgery (both in- and out-patient), it is being reported that patients require less anesthesia & less pain medication, they generally have a shorter hospital stay and they seem to recover faster.  

Dr. Oz has had Reiki Masters in the operating room offering Reiki treatment to his patients during open heart surgery and Dr. Sheldon Mark Feldman, one of the nation's top breast cancer surgeons, also has a Reiki Master in surgery solely focusing on Reiki treatment for the patient.  Check out more info the articles below.

Also, in this YouTube video, you can hear some of Dr. Feldman's comments about Reiki & breast cancer surgery and having Reiki Master Raven Keyes in the operating room.

For your procedure, I would arrive before or when you arrive for your procedure/surgery, stay with you from then, through the entire surgery and into recovery; focusing solely on you and providing Reiki treatment through the entire process.

Your surgeon's permission is necessary for me to be present during the surgery so we would seek permission as part of your general pre-op.  

It is ideal to receive Reiki through out the entire process, but there are other options as well, such as my pre-op support program.

If you have a procedure scheduled (or someone you love has) and would like to be supported with Reiki treatment, contact me today and let's discuss your options.  I will work with you to design a customized support program which best meets your needs. 

You deserve this type of care.